Hospitality Klépierre Style

To ensure that visitors feel pampered before, during and after their visit, we have designed a seamless, customized and continually enhanced customer experience that we call Clubstore®.

A complet customer journey


Our hospitality charter defines rules for 16 different critical points. Nothing escapes our attention, from the clarity of the information we provide on the web and the friendly welcome at our guest services desk to the cleanliness of our restroom facilities and the overall acoustic and aromatic experience. Clubstore®® also includes the latest digital innovations for creating a smoother, easier and more personalized customer journey. Resolutely customer-focused, Clubstore® makes visitors want to stay longer and come back more often.

Clubstore® is rooted in our understanding of the market. It’s backed by our analysis of best practices at our shopping centers and by our detailed knowledge of visitors gained from continuous customer feedback provided by the Critizr platform.

Architecture & Design


The architecture of a shopping center is different from a standard building, but a place of experience. It' s role is to design a nice, flexible and elegant setting to showcase retailers, host events and provide visitors with living spaces that make them want to visit, come back and enjoy their experience. Daylight, quality materials, original design, redesigned rest areas, light and sound ambiance... all these elements contribute to making the shopping center a welcoming, peaceful and attractive place to live.


"For the centre to blend into the existing urban fabric, it is sometimes necessary to adhere to or reinterpret local codes of architecture. In other contexts, the centre must be an architectural totem, a building that, through its powerful nature, will contribute to the regeneration of a neighbourhood and the creation of a new centrality."


"We must create a genuine and unique personality for each and every centre, to anchor it to its territory and create a smooth experience whilst imagining a neutral and refined setting to promote the brands. We distinguish between lasting installations (floors and ceilings, for example) and those that can be adapted to suit trends (furniture, signage, lighting, etc.). We aim at using local and sustainable materials, capitalising on lessons learned and, also, allowing room for experimentation and future developments."



The ideal setting is a sophisticated, modular venue filled with light that can host all kinds of events and adapt to society’s changing habits

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Key figures


of respondents think that a modern store should offer services on tablets or smartphones.

Source :

Strategy&/PwC, November 2018, Bricks and Clicks


of customers at Passages, the first shopping center to adopt the Clubstore® experience, found the new area to be unique, modern and comfortable

Source :

Clubstore® impact study, April 2014