Special-Purpose Committees

Special-Purpose Committees support the Supervisory Board.

Investment committee

Instituted in 1998, this Committee meets at least twice a year, for the purpose of advising the Group on investment and asset disposal policies. It is a genuine decisionmaking support for the Supervisory Board in this area. The members of the Executive Board attend the meetings of the Investment Committee as well. The Committee is empowered to commission Executive Board audits and request additional information at the behest of two of its members.


Mr. David Simon (Chairman), Mr. Steven Fivel, Mr. Stanley Shashoua, Mr. Robert Fowlds, Mrs. Catherine Simoni

Audit committee

Established in 1998, the role of the Audit Committee is to examine and assess the various financial documents that are published by the Company as part of its annual and interim accounting process; the Committee is also responsible for overseeing the Company’s internal and external control and audit systems. It meets at least twice a year and can ask the Executive Board at any time for information or a hearing related to its areas of oversight. The members of the Executive Board and the representatives of the statutory auditors attend meetings of the Audit Committee.


Mr. John Carrafiell (Chairman), Mr. Stanley Shashoua, Mrs. Béatrice de Clermont-Tonnerre, Mrs. Florence Von Erb

Nomination and compensation committee

Set up in 1998, this Committee meets at least once a year. In addition to its standard role of making recommendations on Executive and Board appointments and on Executive Board and Supervisory Board compensation, this Committee performs an annual review of the independence of the members of the Supervisory Board, in compliance with the recommendations formulated by the code of corporate governance published by AFEP and Medef.


Mrs. Catherine Simoni (Chairman), Mr. Steven Fivel, Mrs. Anne Carron

Sustainable development committee

Since it was formed in April of 2008, this Committee has been charged with identifying the principal risk categories to which the Group’s business is exposed, monitoring the action plan put in place to deal with them, and examining the Group’s contribution to sustainable development.


Mr. Steven Fivel (Chairman), Mrs. Béatrice de Clermont-Tonnerre, Mr. Stanley Shashoua, Mrs. Anne Carron, Mrs. Florence Von Erb