Synergies for Optimal Performance

Our expertise and resources are available to help you meet your objectives, whether you’re looking to choose the right promotional campaigns, make use of visitor flow data and obtain predictive traffic information, or make your stores more effective and easier to manage.

We provide support at every stage of your retail growth through our Start. Boost. Refit. program: Start, to ensure a successful opening; Boost, to drive sales during your lease period; and Refit, to find you an alternate location during renovation work. Our rightsizing consultants can identify the optimal floor space to ensure your outlet best meets shoppers’ expectations for your business.

Our local knowledge combined with your national expertise expands the reach of your campaigns.

We provide access to shopper data, supplementing your country-level knowledge with information we’ve gathered locally to boost your retail results. We measure the impact of your special campaigns with data on traffic, time spent in store, web-to-store, etc. We partner with you to create the Let’s Join community, where retailers can easily discuss issues with the mall’s management team or among themselves via app. We assist you with employee recruitment by posting your job openings on the shopping center’s website.


Marie Caniac

Leasing director

Gwenola Galippe de Legge

Specialty leasing director