112 stores

750,000 people at -30 min.

5 million visitors

The gateway to Gothendurg City

In the spring of 1999 Partille Municipality and Steen & Strøm initiated their partnership to build a new shopping center for the region. A shared goal was to unite the municipality that was divided by the motorway. It was therefore decided to build Allum shopping center as a bridge over the E20 motorway, a landmark you cannot miss and a signpost for Partille.

All in all, Allum has about 100 shops and a dozen different restaurants and cafés. Today, the eye-catching bridge has about 20 shops and a café. Allum is an alternative to Gothenburg city center and other centers in the vicinity, and has also become a hub for the Partille public transport network. Having one of the best business sites in Sweden, and with more than 500 000 people with a twenty-minute driving radius, this newly built project, which was completed in 2006, was seen as a long-awaited facility. Success follow swiftly.

Allum’s commercial success is paving the way for expansion, and plans are now in full swing to extend Allum by around 15 400 sq. m. The aim is for a newly extended Allum with more than 130 shops to open for business in 2019.


In brief

Establishment of the center :
Acquisition by Klépierre :
Holding by Klépierre :
Total area of ​​the center :
42.600 sq.m.
Location :
Partille, Sweden
Number of brands :
Parking :
1,700 places

Not just an extension, a reorganization of the retail destination as well

This project aims to link Allum with Partille Centrum to create a square and a meeting place with an enhanced range of shops and restaurants. The objective is to create a greater shopping experience in the heart of Partille and become the best retail destination in the whole Gothenburg area.

The extension of Allum will bring Kyrktorget, the town square, and the existing Allum shopping center together, which by 2019 will be more than just a shopping center. Allum plays a key role in the growth and development of Partille. The new Allum will ensure that Partille center will be vibrant around the clock.

And last but not least, we will be adding 16 600 sq. m. of new retail area to Allum that makes about 30 new shops. The expansion improves the accessibility for the visitor and offers an increased range of shops making Allum to one of the largest shopping centers in Western Sweden.


Location Partille
Extension retail area from 44 400 to 58 500 sq.m.
Completion 2019
Number of stores from 100 to 130

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