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Joining Forces to Create the Responsible, Engaged Retailing of the Future

Good Morning Retail isn’t just one story — it’s many stories. Every Klépierre mall give rise to hundreds of stories each day starring our retailers and their customers. Blending the views and interests of Klépierre’s experts with distinguished outside guests, each episode of our podcast focuses on a specific topic to examine recent innovations, emerging practices and the foremost drivers of change in retailing. Staying on top of the trends has never made more sense.

Among the exciting stories to be found in our malls, several point the way to the future of responsible, engaged retailing. These days, socially responsible shopping centers hold greater appeal for an audience that’s increasingly keen to support local and sustainable goods. That demanding clientele represents a challenge for the retail industry and its value chain.

In this latest episode of our podcast, “Good Morning Retail!,” we look at some of the ways companies are tackling that challenge, and we examine how consumer expectations are changing when it comes to sustainability. To talk about these issues, Klépierre Chief Communications Officer Julien Goubault is joined by guests from a variety of backgrounds:

  • Elisabeth Laville, founder of Utopies, a consulting firm that advises businesses on sustainable development.
  • Julie-Marlène Pélissier, Director of Sustainability & Corporate Engagement at H&M.
  • Delphine Morlot-Robach, project manager at the Le Havre Estuaire Littoral branch of Mission Locale, an organization that provides support to young people entering the workforce.
  • Clémentine Pacitti, Sustainability Senior Manager at Klépierre.

You’ll hear about a wealth of best practices and collective initiatives for more sustainable retailing.