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A boost for female entrepreneurship

15 inspired women have opened Les Créatrices Audacieuses, a pop-up store in Beaulieu shopping center (Nantes), in partnership with the regional ADIE* organization, with the goal of celebrating female entrepreneurs.

In the heart of Beaulieu shopping center in Nantes, a pop-up store has opened: Les Créatrices Audacieuses. Under this name, some fifteen female entrepreneurs from different backgrounds have had the opportunity to promote their designs in a shared store for three months. This is a story of Art, Artisans and Audacity. On the shop front, a bright, catchy logo sets the tone, with a circle of modern women, as diverse as they are singular. Displayed inside, their artisanal creations compose a wide range of original products and local, environmentally responsible designs. Ghislaine, a storyteller for young people, exposes the works of local authors, while Dominique is launching “Plum”, a magazine for younger readers based on nature and the senses. Alexandra fills the boutique with the scent of “La Nomade” soaps, which are artisanal, natural, organic and ecological. The food offering includes hampers “From Clisson”, containing produce from farms and vineyards, and “Sucrettes Stories”, which reveal intriguingly original chocolates. In the fashion section, designers like Eléa and Francine present their “Mangueira” accessories, made in France… and much else besides. This socially responsible initiative is more than just a boutique. It is also somewhere for people to meet and talk, at round table events and themed workshops on women business-owners. A recent caller to the designers was Gender Equality Minister Elisabeth Moreno, who paid a visit to the store in January.

*ADIE stands for Association pour le Droit à l’Initiative économique, recognized as a public-interest organization in 2005. ADIE promotes the idea that anybody can set up their own business, and gives people guidance and assistance with financing to help them do so.