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  • Retailtainment

Experts Share Their Insights on the Future of Retailing

Good Morning Retail isn’t just one story — it’s many stories. Every Klépierre mall give rise to hundreds of stories each day starring our retailers and their customers. Blending the views and interests of Klépierre’s experts with distinguished outside guests, each episode of our podcast focuses on a specific topic to examine recent innovations, emerging practices and the foremost drivers of change in retailing. Staying on top of the trends has never made more sense.

In the first episode of this new series we learn how retailtainment is taking on a whole new look. Recurring events, interactive experiences, inspiring partnerships: the possibilities — both real and virtual — are endless, offering unforgettable moments to a community of visitors in search of excitement. Retailtainment helps retail generate a buzz and sets the stage for highly motivational, multi-channel strategies.