140 (in 2020) stores

1,070,000 people at -30 min.

8 million visitors

A new urban center for more than 1 million Norwegians

Multiply its GLA by 5 and its number of retail units by 6: that’s the ambitious goal that Økern Sentrum has established for itself. Its extension plans, which aim to transform Oslo’s most highly populated community into an urban center in its own right, include the creation of new open spaces, squares and gardens, the construction of new homes, and the installation of a water sports center, cinemas, restaurants, an arts center and a cutting-edge shopping center. The Økern shopping center is well-served by many freeways, rail routes and bus routes.



In brief

Establishment of the center :
Acquisition by Klépierre :
Holding by Klépierre :
Total area of ​​the center :
50,000 sq.m. (in 2020)
Number of brands :
140 (in 2020)
Parking :
1,500 places

Developing a sense of urban place in Oslo


Steen & Strøm seeks to create an urban, future-oriented city center in the most populous region of Oslo. The project is an ambitious place-making program for retail in Oslo, including 250,000 sq. m. for residences, leisure, culture, public services, public transport, hospitality, spa services, parking, offices and retail. The new Økern will feature an open, inviting urban structure with large outdoor areas and spacious, beautifully landscaped squares, creating the most attractive meeting place on this side of Oslo. The development area is located in one of the most traffic-dense communication points in Oslo in terms of road systems and public transport. The retail area will be expanded from to 50,000 sq.m. and the number of shops will increase to 140.

Estimated completion date: 2020.

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