Social Responsibility

Promoting talent development to achieve excellence

Klépierre strives to retain its finest employees. The Group implements personalized career management systems to both acknowledge and empower them.

The men and women in the Klépierre Group are our most valuable resource for delivering on our commitments on a daily basis. Klépierre endeavors to acknowledge and support its finest employees through offering ambitious career development opportunities.

In line with our goal of achieving operational excellence, training remains a priority. Klépierre University plays a key role in developing the corporate culture by fostering an innovative training policy built around business needs: Klépierre employees thus had access to around 24,000 hours of training in 2015.

Because the Group’s shopping centers are located in a range of catchment areas, Klépierre must incorporate this diversity in order to better understand its customers. Klépierre is particularly committed to ensuring equal opportunity in recruitment and career advancement.

Promoting gender equality at work remains a priority of our diversity policy. It is worth noting that in 2015, among the entire population, female employees accounted for: 56% of recipients of variable compensation, 57% of recipients of training and 56% of internal mobility candidates.

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