Community Commitment

Klépierre, providing structure to urban life

With 1.2 billion visitors each year, Klépierre shopping centers have become essential places for interaction and communication. The Group demonstrates its commitment to the community through targeted measures.

Klépierre shopping centers help to structure local urban life, focusing on the comfort, health, and safety of their customers. They stimulate financial and economic activity as well as culture and community life.

By conducting regular satisfaction surveys, Klépierre remains attentive to the needs of its customers and thus offers them the ideal shopping experience. 96% of the shopping centers in value are easily accessed via public transportation. Other modes of transportation, namely green or alternative are also amongst the solutions considered, parking areas for bikes and electric vehicles are increasingly available. Improving access for disabled individuals is an additional priority for the Group.

The Group also seeks to provide an exceptional level of service and attract the very best partners. To do so, Klépierre has raised the bar on the environmental and social criteria used in the selection of service providers, adding, for example, environmental soundness clauses to its cleaning service contracts.

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