Issues and Materiality

Klépierre has identified the key environmental, social, and societal stakes that impact its business. This essential step, undertaken again in 2013 to incorporate new developments in our business, allows us to better identify our priorities and provide our stakeholders with targeted answers.

Specifically, 20 priority issues have been identified:

These themes aim to cover all major relevant aspects of Klepierre’s corporate responsibility. They truly reflect the long-term performance of the Group.

Développement durable - Liste des critères UK

The approach to these issues must be:

  • Efficient, with ambitious, quantifiable and tangible objectives;
  • Irreproachable, to ensure the exemplary management of our assets;
  • Innovative, with a constant focus on best practices.


9 priority issues have been defined.

Développement durable - Matrice de materialite UK

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