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Realistic opportunities in consumer zones

Throughout Europe, Klépierre is thriving in tourist areas and in the heart of major European capital cities, including Madrid, Porto, Budapest and Warsaw.

Klépierre provides its retailers with unique and privileged locations to help them attract a large clientele wherever they choose to set up. The Group leases stores in the most populated consumer and tourist areas and in European capitals.

Tourism boosting the economy

Madrid, the heart of Spanish tourism, lies at the center of an urban region with some 7.1 million inhabitants, and is home to the La Gavia shopping center.

Thanks to a considerable flow of tourists, the 17 Spanish centers continue to thrive despite today’s harsh economic climate.

In Portugal, Klépierre also relies on tourism. It has centers located in Porto and Aqua Portimão, Algarve, where tourism is the main source of income for the region. Aqua Portimão registered a 4.7% rise in sales during the last quarter of 2012.

Popular European capitals

In Hungary, shopping mall Corvin Plaza (Budapest) innovates in several services like ‘personal shopper’ that allows clients to get personal shopping advices and to create a well-organized wardrobe. This center has an exceptional potential thanks to its location in the middle of a historic ditrict that is under reconstruction and where several office buildings and apartments will be built.

In Poland, the Group has a total of six shopping centers, of which the Warsaw center is the most dynamic.

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