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Constantly enhancing its range

In Italy, Klépierre’s shopping centers are a reflection of the country’s famous fashion industry – simple, elegant and high quality.

In Milan, the new face of the Metropoli shopping center was unveiled following major architectural renovations and the redesign of its retail style. This resulted in the creation of nine new shops in the existing space, 19 new retailers, and €1.1 million in additional rental income.
Similarly, the Belforte shopping center underwent extensions to improve the center’s retail offer. Klépierre is constantly enhancing its centers, through renovations, improvements to the retail offer, or with new shopping experiences for customers. Major international brands such as Apple are increasingly choosing to set up in the Group’s shopping centers.

On the cutting edge of technology

Certain centers, such as Metropoli and Val Vibrata, now use Facebook to establish relationships with customers. A smartphone application was also developed to provide information on the extension and re-opening of the Romagna shopping center in Rimini, including the list of future shops, the progress of the renovations, and details about the retailers.

An educational approach

In Cavallino (Lecce), a unique program was run for 1,300 children that involved several workshops held over the course of 20 days. The school children learned how collected waste (paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, etc.) is sorted and recycled.

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