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The Greater Paris area

Paris – one of the world’s economic capitals – is the focus of everyone’s attention. Klépierre is firmly rooted in the Paris region with 7 different shopping centers located there.

From Marne-la-Vallée to Boulogne-Billancourt and Créteil, retailers and customers in the Paris region are certain to find what they are looking for: a dynamic, high-quality and constantly evolving range of modern, accessible, and lively shopping centers.

2012 marked the delivery of two emblematic projects demonstrating Klépierre’s expertise in architectural quality, design, marketing and performance.

St. Lazare, an exceptional project

With 1.2 million travelers passing through each day, this shopping centre in Europe’s second busiest train station has attracted the most reputable retailers. Some of these retailers opened their first point of sale in a shopping center (e.g. Kusmi Tea, Kickers), while others have set up exclusive outlets such as Muji to Go, a new concept from Japan and a first for Europe. With more than 80 high-performing outlets, the shopping center at St. Lazare Paris is booming.

7 shopping centers in Eastern Paris

A total of 7 shopping centers serve the Eastern Paris region.

At Les Sentiers in Claye-Souilly, some 52 new outlets were opened following an extension and renovations in 2012. Val d’Europe (Marne-la-Vallée) will also undergo a sizeable extension in 2017.

Paris-Île-de France is France’s leading economic region and among the top regions in Europe, and is therefore an ideal location for Klépierre, which targets areas experiencing strong growth.

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