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The strength of the Danish economy

Deeply rooted in Scandinavia and in Denmark in particular, Klépierre was keen to strengthen its presence in the region with projects such as Viva in Odense and the Bruun’s Galleri shopping center in Århus.

Odense, Denmark’s third largest city, is home to the future Viva shopping center, which is already making a name for itself. Viva is a city within the city and will form an integral part of the urban structure to become the largest city shopping center in the country.
As currently planed, the paved areas, open air spaces, squares, and a massive, glass-covered indoor plaza will link the center with the city’s main transportation station and historic shopping district. The retail mix will be designed to address a wide audience. It will cater to all expectations and levels, and will bring together both international and Scandinavian retailers.

Bruun’s Galleri, bringing shopping centers to life

Directly linked to the train station, Denmark’s Bruun’s Galleri shopping center is located in the country’s second largest city, Århus. Like all Klépierre shopping centers, Bruun’s Galleri regularly holds commercial and marketing events. Every year, in the last week of September, it runs a special campaign to mark the start of autumn. The advertising, entrance points and inside of the center are all decorated in the colors of the campaign, with magazines and leaflets also available. In 2012, the operation resulted in a 4% increase in visitors and an average increase in sales of 7%.

Steen & Strøm, Klépierre’s Scandinavian subsidiary

In 2008, Klépierre and the Dutch fund, ABP, bought out Steen & Strøm, the leading Scandinavian shopping center developer. The subsidiary, of which Klépierre holds a 56.1% stake, develops and manages all of the Group’s renovation projects in Scandinavia. The projects systematically strive to obtain certification for their high-quality renovations, providing a further asset for the Group’s second largest region.

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