Czech Republic

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Bringing Klépierre shopping centers to life

Shopping centers in the Czech Republic remain dynamic and innovative despite the current economic downturn, and serve as a popular place to meet and socialize.

Klépierre shopping centers are implementing a host of initiatives in the Czech Republic in order to attract new retailers, including improved customer orientation, a more pleasant atmosphere, and facilitated access. Everything has been done to draw consumers and make their shopping experience easier.

Dynamic shopping centers and a rejuvenated offer

The shopping center in Prague, for instance, has added a new 2-level area to house an H&M store covering 1,400 sq. meters. Nine new international retailers have decided to set up in Nový Smíchov, including major brands such as Celio, Levi’s, Mango, and Calvin Klein. While economic growth remains modest (up 0.8%), the Czech Republic continues to register increases in sales.

Infrastructure for customer enjoyment

Klépierre shopping centers use their exceptional infrastructure to host performances, concerts, sporting events, and fireworks, all with the aim of attracting customers. Each event is a chance to make the shopping center a focal point and draw more visitors in to enjoy themselves and meet others.

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