Rating & activity

The rating agency Standard & Poor’s has given Klépierre the following ratings:

Long term Short term
Rating A- (stable outlook) A2
Since April 2014 June 2001


The key objective of Klépierre’s financing policy is to ensure that the Group always has the financial resources needed to fund its development.

Accordingly, Klépierre strives to maintain a balanced financial structure that is framed by the following ratios:

12/31/2017 Contractual limit
Loan to Value 36.8% < or = 60%
EBITDA/Net interest expenses 6.3 > or = 2.0

Klépierre also diversifies its sources of financing using:

  • bank lending in various formats (syndicated, bilateral loans, etc.)
  • the bond market
  • commercial paper to meet short-term financing needs.
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