Act for Territories

Our 4 commitments are:

1. Increase local employment around our centers:

  • 100% local service suppliers for the daily operations of our centers
  • 100% centers having facilitated to local employment (e.g., organized a job fair, shared job offers with local job centers, partnered with job centers for trainings…)

2. Open our centers to local initiatives:

  • 100% of centers having offered at least once a year a space for a local initiative (e.g., local entrepreneur, local associations…)

3. Promote local solidarity:

  • 100% of our centers having organized a clothes/toys/furniture drive for a local charity (e.g., Secours Populaire, Caritas…)
  • 100% of centers having supported an in-house solidarity event organized by a retailer (e.g., Camaïeu – “Cancer Day” operation)

4. Involve local stakeholders in designing new developments:

  • 100% development projects rely on a participative initiative
  • 100% development projects have all providers sign a “sustainable charter” both for procurement & worksite management
  • 100% development projects design and implement a biodiversity plan


Our ambition for 2030:

  • Impose our centers as local value creators
  • Drive social responsibility in our sphere of influence
  • Co-design the shopping malls of the future
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