Act for People

Our 5 commitments are:

1. Continuously increase the satisfaction of our visitors:

  • +1 point per year on the Group Net Promoter Score
  • 100% of reviews from our customers on social networks tracked
  • 100% of customers questions answered in less than 1 hour : “# Just Ask” promise

2. Promote health & well-being in our centers:

  • 100% shopping centers promoting health
  • 100% shopping centers offer dedicated services to their retailers

3. Offer a positive employee experience:

  • 100% training access rate
  • 100% staff coverage with work-life balance measures
  • 100% of young graduates benefit from a personalized career path
  • 100% co-construction of the company’s future

4. Spread ethics among our communities:

  • Promotion of business ethics towards 100% of employees and stakeholders
  • 100% providers selected based on CSR criteria

5. Be social conscious:

  • 100% employees having been given the opportunity to participate to a charity program
  • Sign up Group partnerships with NGOs dedicated to people employability


Our ambition for 2030:

  • Be the leader of our industry in customer care
  • Achieve recognition as an employer of reference
  • Enable a more ethical business
  • Put philanthropy at the heart of our strategy
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