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Work in a wide variety of businesses

Whether you’re interested in value creation or improving the quality of our shopping centers or you want to use your expertise in improving the group’s performance, discover the wide range of our jobs.


Investment teams work on continuously enhancing our portfolio of shopping centers through asset disposal and acquisition operations in contact with the team tasked with operations in each country. They also carry out mergers and acquisitions for the group’s development strategy.

Development and works

Development teams identify and steer projects to extend, renovate and create centers.

At the same time, works teams undertake structural works operations for whole centers such as resizing stores in light of changes in our client brand concepts in conjunction with sales teams. They also conduct maintenance works for technical facilities in centers.

Maintenance and purchasing

Maintenance teams manage technical, safety and service assignments according to current regulations.

The purchasing team selects and negotiates services and facilities for operating our centers in order to optimize costs, quality and efficiency.


Sustainable development

Klépierre sustainable development teams promote responsible management of our operations in environmental and social terms. They steer performance objectives in these fields and ensure that non-financial rating agencies award Klépierre the highest scores.


Finance resources and investor relations

Our specialist financial teams play a vital role in light of our status as a listed investment company. They look for the best financing solutions to further the company’s development and manage our relations with the financial community, primarily our shareholders and institutional investors.


HR and legal

As genuine business partners, legal and HR teams provide day-to-day support for the operating activity to further the company’s strategy, transformation and growth.




IT teams guarantee that our system and network IT resources operate well. Project and contracting teams develop and improve applications to support our business lines.

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